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MegaScenery USA 2004 Volume 1
Southern California
Los Angeles, San Diego & Surrounding Areas
Soar the Flight Simulator Skies Above Los Angeles, San Diego and Surrounding Areas.


Media: DVD
Price: $14.95 (USD)


  • 14,000 Square Miles of Southern California
  • Dimensions 120 nm X 120 nm
  • Geographic Co-ordinates: 34.50, 119.00 - 32.50, 116.50
  • Famous Places Covered:
         ▪ Los Angeles
         ▪ San Diego
         ▪ Palm Springs
         ▪ San Gabriel
         ▪ Mountains
         ▪ Catalina Island & San Bernadino Mountains
         ▪ Big Bear and Arrowhead Lakes
         ... and everything else In the area covered!
  • 42 Instrument Equipped Airports - Numerous Non Instrument
  • Major International Airports
         ▪ Los Angeles
         ▪ San Diego
  • Day & Night Scenery

    Complete Description
    Prepare to soar the skies above spectacular Southern California with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 at a level of realism that you’ve never before experienced.

    The first of the new generation of MegaScenery titles, Volume 1 puts you above the skies of some of the most visually spectacular area of the United States that you could ever fly - from the Los Angeles urban sprawl to the remarkable contrasting 10,000+ feet mountain peaks just miles away. Welcome to Southern California and the Los Angeles Basin like you've never seen it on a PC simulator.

    Over 14,000 square miles (120 nm x 120 nm) of photorealistic day and night scenery lets you explore this visually picturesque area of the United States. From 10,000+ feet mountain peaks, to arid desert, to the Los Angeles urban jungle and even across the water flights to Santa Catalina Island. 

    Los Angeles International airport is the West Coast gateway to the USA and as a result supports hundreds of international arrivals and departures daily! Add to that the dozens of smaller and larger regional airports in the immediate area and you've got some very challenging flying in very busy airspace. Los Angeles is a big city and you get to feel like you're actually there because what you're getting is a REAL Los Angeles, a REAL San Diego and REAL surrounding area. yet just a few miles away you get to enjoy the peace and quiet as you depart for the mountains or across the water to Santa Catalina Island.

    There's truly some spectacular sites to see such as 14,000 Mt San Jacinto, Big Bear City, Mt Baldy and more! Not to mention some of the famous places in Los Angeles such as Malibu, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach and just so much more.

    Major landmarks and sights include:
    Palm Springs, Mt San Jacinto & Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, Mt Baldy, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Catalina and San Clemente Islands, Manhattan & Redondo Beaches, Santa Ana Mountains, Lakes Arrowhead, Elsinor, Big Bear lake, San Gabriel Reservoir, San Diego, Los Angeles, Canyons, Mountains, Desert and everything else the Los Angeles Basin is famous for. If you can see it in real life... you'll see it in MegaScenery Southern California.

    And that's just the day flying experience. Experience this whole world again with full NIGHT and DUSK/DAWN scenery. MegaScenery technology maps every road and street and lines it with lighting for a spine tingling night flying experience unmatched by any other scenery product on any other PC flight simulation. Los Angeles is an amazing picture at night and you get to see it just as it looks at night. As one user who has flown many times into Los Angeles at night put it... "It sent chills down my spine!"

    Your Flight Simulator world will above Southern California will NEVER look the same again!

    Daytime Screenshots (Click To View)
    Near Palm Springs. Look closely at the highway below. Spot the cars! Over the top of Big Bear Lake and Big Bear City. Spectacular Catalina Island allows you over the water flights from the mainland North of El Monte approaching San Gabriel Mountain range North of El Monte. San Gabriel reservoir below us
    Above Los Angeles International looking down Manhattan Beach Rolling Hills Estates - South of Los Angeles Over the top of Santa Monica. Malibu and Point Dume to the northwest. 14, 000 feet peak of Mt San Jacinto and Agua Caliente Indian Reservation. San Bernadino approaching mountains. Mt Baldy peak to the north east
    San Diego - checkout the detail of the highway interchanges Cruising over the top of El Cajon North East of San Diego. Note the valley detail Flying into Simi Valley - Santa Monica mountains to the south Over the top of Bverly Hills. Fashion square clearly visible below is. San Diego - Over the top of Chula Vista with Upper Otay Reservoir in the background.

    Night Time Screenshots (Click To View)
    Dusk falls over the city of Los Angeles Look closely and watch how our lighting follows exact streets and roads. Nightime over San Diego. Lighting follows the entire coast northward. Leaving San Diego metro and flying into mountains. More night time. Lights follow highways and individual streets and neighbourhoods.

    Area Coverage
    Condensed list. Area includes all landmarks and features as in real life!

    120 nm x 120 nm
    Area coverage: 14,000 square miles
    Coordinates: 34.50, 119.00 - 32.50, 116.50
    Area Highlights:
    Major Towns & Cities:
    ▪ Los Angeles ▪ San Diego ▪ Palm Springs
         ▪San Bernadino ▪ Riverside ▪ Oceanside
    Mountain Ranges:
    ▪ San Gabriel Mountains
         ▪ San Bernadino Mountains
         ▪ Santa Rosa. Santa Ana
         ▪ Celeveland ▪ Angeles
         ▪ San Bernadino National Forests
         ▪ Mt San Jacinto ▪ Mt Baldy
    Major Lakes:
         ▪ Arrowhead
         ▪ Big Bear
         ▪ Matthews
         ▪ Perris
         ▪ Elsinor
         ▪ Silverwood

    Demo Video
    A Demonstration video is available in WMV Format. Check Out just how great our scenery is by taking a "check ride" first!

  • 320 X 200 (8.4 Mb) « to view now or right click & choose "Save As" to play from your PC later.

  • 16 Page manual
  • Registration Card
  • Weight 0.8 pounds (362g)

  • System Requirements
    Minimum Requirements:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or 2002
    • 1 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
    • Windows 98, Me or XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • 128 Mb RAM
    • 3D Video Card with 32 Mb RAM
    • DVD drive for installation
    • Over 2.0 GB Disk Space.
    Recommended Requirements:
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or 2002
    • 2 GHz+ Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
    • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
    • 512 Mb RAM
    • 3D Video Card with 64 - 128 Mb RAM
    • DVD drive for installation
    • Over 2.0 GB Disk Space.

    Other Information
    Shipping Version and Download Patch
    The version shipped is V1.0. Out of the box, this version runs only when summer is selected as your flying season, however this can be easily upgraded to incorporate the latest features with this small 464 Kb download patch which you can download by CLICKING HERE. This will upgrade this title to version 1.3. you can get more information about this patch by CLICKING HERE.

    After the patch is installed the following applies - On FAT32/Windows 98/Me systems MegaScenery will only display if season is set to summer. On Windows XP/NTFS systems, MegaScenery will display for all 4 seasons.

    If you are installing to both FS2004 and FS2002 MegaScenery's smart installer will only install one set of files and automatically set the scenery file pointers into both versions.

    Customer Comments
    To Follow..


    Code: MS-LAX-DVL
    Media: DVD
    Price: $14.95 (USD)