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MegaSceneryX - Dallas/Fort Worth
For Microsoft Flight Simulator X

8000 square miles of high-resolution, hyper-real, aerial photo-scenery for Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding area.

Welcome To The Lone Star State. Welcome To TEXAS.... Welcome to Dallas/Fort Worth - a modern, expansive, and thriving twin city metroplex over 4,000 square miles in size that continues to grow at a phenomenal rate but at the same time maintaining that home-town feeling of hospitality that Texas is famous for.

It's home of the 6th busiest airport in the world - DFW International - along with 100 other international, general aviation and private airports in the area. Recreated from 1 foot aerial photographs, you get to experience Flight Simulator X Scenery at its most realistic level possible today... This is MegaSceneryX - Dallas/Fort Worth for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Come and explore the busy Dallas/Fort Worth skies.... both day and night, IFR and VFR, in a light plane, jet or helicopter.... at a level of realism that will have you pinching yourself for a reality check.

Come and see why everything is bigger in Texas!

MegaSceneryX Dallas/Fort Worth Screenshots
(click on pics to zoom)

Downtown Dallas

Texas Motor Speedway

Lake Lewisville

Six Flags over Texas. Check Out The Roller Coaster!

Lone Star Park

Arlington Ballpark

Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Near Meacham Field

I-30 and I-35 Interchange

Downtown Fort Worth

When MegaScenery Ends

Trinity River

West Of Lake Ray Hubbard

Low Level Over I-30

I-30 and 820 Interchange

DFW International

Rural South Of The Metroplex

DFW Final Approach (wing view over the city)

Grand Prairie

Lake Joe Pool

I-30 Westbound

Mountain Creek Lake & Joe Pool Lake (distant)

Downtown Dallas I-30 & I-45 Interchange

NightScene Over Dallas

DFW Final Approach

Farmland To The South

Texas Stadium

Lake Lewisville

NightScene Over Dallas


Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever and  Prepare to soar the skies above a Flight Simulator world above Dallas/Fort Worth that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever flown on your PC...


  • 8,000 Square Miles (21,000 square kilometers) Area Coverage Of Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area.

  • Over 100 Airports including DFW International

  • Created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography.

  • Display at 1.19 meters per pixel

  • 2 Scenery products in one with Day Scenery and  Night Scenery.

  • You get a complete VFR and IFR flying experience with a Double Sided Dallas Terminal Area Chart, Booklet of 110+ Instrument Charts, SIDS, STARS and Airport Diagrams

  • No other scenery add-on provides such high quality scenery, backed up with extensive printed documentation and full-size charts to provide the best all-around scenery experience and VFR flying opportunity money can buy!

MegasceneryX - Dallas/Fort Worth puts you in the skies above the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex at a level of realism that you've never seen it before in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's created by taking 1 foot per pixel aerial photographs and placing them into Microsoft Flight Simulator X for display at 1.19 meters per pixel. You're not seeing a synthetic world. No, you're flying over an actual image of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and well.... it's so real, you may as well consider that you're actually there.

Every.... highway, road, interchange, street, house, factory, warehouse, mall, stadium, ball field, golf course, sand trap, playground, river, stream.... (get the picture?) everything is visible and identifiable from your Flight Simulator skies... as if you were actually there flying over the skies above Dallas/Fort Worth.

A Thriving, Busy, Modern Twin City Metroplex
Dallas/Fort Worth is one pretty spectacular city to experience from the air
(both simulated and real). An incredible highway system with literally dozens of multi-lane highways and interstates creating a network of roads that is spectacular to see from the skies.... and yes... you can even see the vehicles that are on them.

New modern neighborhoods that are built almost "sim-city" style and where you can identify every individual rooftop.

Yes, it's flat... but there's no desert here... it's rich green most of the year round and it's a thriving, modern and exciting metropolis that you'll only ever find in Texas.

Fly Into 100 Airports Including DFW International - The World's 6th Busiest!
On top of all that you get more flying than you could ever bargain for
with over 100 airports in the 4000 sq mile metroplex region alone... that's ONE HUNDRED... including the famous DFW international - the 6th busiest airport in the world with around 2500 movements a day. So how big is the world's 6th busiest airport? Well it has 7 runways and is about the size of a small suburb.... that's pretty big... and you'll get to experience it yourself from your very own desktop.

Among the other 100 airports are Dallas Love Field, Meacham International, and more.

For anyone who's flown in this city, they know just how busy this airspace is yet at the same time the Air Traffic Control is so sophisticated that the traffic - airliner, corporate, military, general aviation, and training flights, all traverse and use this airspace with utmost efficiency and safety.

You've never flown unless you've flown the skies above Dallas/Fort Worth, both VFR and IFR, day and night! And there's plenty of flying for you to do with MegaSceneryX - Dallas/Fort Worth and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. There's well over 100 unique instrument approaches alone.

At Day and Night - 2 Scenery products In One!
Again - since it's from the creators of MegaScenery - you don't just get the day scenery.
.... you get 2 scenery products in one!


1. Photographic DAY Scenery - Actual aerial photographs (1 foot per pixel) ported into Flight Simulator X (displayed at 1.19 meters per pixel) for a scenery world that looks just like the actual Dallas/Fort Worth area from a pilot's vantage point. You are flying over THE actual twin-city of Dallas/Fort Worth and a huge expanse of surrounding area. 8,000 square miles - 90 x 90 miles.


2. Spine Tingling NIGHT Scenery - Watch the entire DFW metroplex come to life at night as MegaSceneryX's Night Scenery technology lights up every single light emitting source in the entire metropolis for night scenery whose realism is simply unsurpassed by any scenery product anywhere. No... it's not just random lights - NightScene Technology knows where every light emitting source in the area covered is right down to the street level. No other product line gives you such a realistic night flying experience. The only way to describe the effect is "spine-tingling". When you're flying over Dallas/Fort Worth or the surrounding mountainous regions for that matter - it looks just like it would at night in real life as streets, subdivisions and even interstates light up. You get to truly experience flying Night VFR!


If you fly in the Dallas Area, either as a pilot or trainee, you could not ask for a more valuable training tool to become familiar and maintain familiarity with the DFW area. Every object and landmark that you would see in real life and use as a reference point from the air is there! This is not synthetic scenery - it is an actual high resolution aerial photograph of the area - so it's real life itself. It is an invaluable VFR and IFR training tool.


With MegaSceneryX: Dallas/Fort Worth, you're flying over the real world! We believe there's no sense in flying blind. So we've given you actual printed, full size and proper scale, copies of FAA aeronautical maps and charts required to navigate your scenery. You get a VFR (and IFR) flying kit with your Dallas/Fort Worth scenery. You get the following PRINTED full color FAA maps with your scenery:

• 1 Full Color Dallas/Fort Worth Terminal Area Chart (see sample)

• 1 Full Color Dallas/Fort Worth VFR Flyways Planning Chart (see sample)

• An assortment of 100+ instrument approach charts and airport diagrams in a bound printed manual.

• Supplementary PDF Manual with 94 SIDS and STARS.

MegaSceneryX: Dallas/Fort Worth Is The Third MegaSceneryX title and Includes All of the Latest MegaScenery Technology Developments For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

• Dallas/Fort Worth is New MegaSceneryX Technology
• Source data 1 foot per pixel displayed at 1.19 meters per pixel
• Vastly improved Improved Night Scenery also at 1.19 meters per pixel
• Seamless integration with your Flight Simulator X
• Provided on 2 convenient DVDs
• As a bonus this product also includes the FS2004 version of Dallas/Fort Worth. It provides a smaller area and is FS2004 specific and at the lower 4.8 meter resolution.
• Runs with Windows XP or VISTA

Say Goodbye To Default Flight Simulator Scenery Forever - Your Flight Simulator world around Dallas/Fort Worth , Texas, will NEVER look the same again!

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MegasceneryX - Dallas/Fort Worth
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Box Contents:
• 2 MegaSceneryX Dallas/Fort Worth DVD's
• Installation and Optimization Guide
• Printed Dallas/Fort Worth VFR Terminal Area Chart
• Printed Dallas/Fort Worth VFR Flyways Planning Chart
• Booklet with 100+ Instrument Approach charts & Airport Diagrams
• Chart Supplement with 94 SIDS & STARS For the DFW Terminal Area

Minimum System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator X
• 1 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
• Windows 98, Me or XP (Home or Professional), Vista (all flavors), Win 7
• 256 Mb RAM (512 Mb for Vista)
• 3D Video Card with 64 Mb RAM
• DVD Drive drive for installation
• 5.4 Gb Free Hard Disk Space

Recommended System Requirements:
• Microsoft Flight Simulator X
• 2 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon CPU
• Windows XP (Home or Professional), Vista, Win 7
• 1024 Mb RAM
• 3D Video Card with 256 Mb RAM
• DVD drive for installation
• 5.4 Gb Free Disk Space

Other Information:
**This title will not work with FS2004. It is exclusively created for Flight Simulator X. However the package contains, as a bonus, the FS2004 version.

While MegaSceneryX source data is at 1 foot per pixel in Flight Simulator X it displays at 1.19 meters per pixel.

Aerial Photographs are supplied by AirPhotoUSA LLC.

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